Fusteria Font, S.A. has always considered quality as a fundamental part of its corporate culture. The pursuit of quality at all levels and its management improvement, are deeply rooted in the workforce of the company.
We have always considered that "quality is defined by the customer" and therefore our main focus is on the continuous improvement in meeting the needs of our customers in both, product and service, and indivisibly in the enterprise organization and management.
To achieve this goal, we believe in ongoing professional training programs and the commitment and motivation of all our staff, as it is only through the total involvement of our human potential that the organization will be able to take profit of their skills.

A careful treatment in the manufacture of our products and strict quality controls also allow us to satisfy all our customer’s needs, even the most demanding ones.

In this process of continuous improvement, Fusteria Font S.A. has achieved ISO 9001:2000 and IQNet certifications for the production and installation of wood carpentry, granted by the certification authority AENOR, crediting our business activities.

These certificates demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement in meeting the expectations and needs of our customers, and proves that all our processes are designed to ensure the highest quality in customer service.
Fusteria Font, SA, has chosen the continuous increase of the added value of their products (in terms of technological innovations mainly), as a way to ensure competitiveness and to cope with the competition from the new emerging markets.
Fusteria Font, S.A. is certified by Smartwood for chain of custody in accordance with the principles and criteria of the World Council for Forest Management (FSC®).
Fusteria Font, S.A. is aware of the need to protect forests and thus maintains a constant commitment to sustainable development. FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification allows us to market products made form wood that has been produced fairly and respecting the environment. In addition, Fusteria Font, S.A. undertakes to prevent the marketing of illegally harvested timber and timber from areas where traditional or civil rights are violated, and from uncertified forests with high conservation value.