Founded in 1915 in Pollença, Fusteria Font, S.A., grew as a small family workshop devoted to the manufacture of wooden tools to develop the field tasks, such as plows, carts and many other different types of tools.

In the 50's, with the beginnings of the tourist boom, the company began to specialize in making products suited to construction, such as hotels, villas, etc.., although a major production deals in “castellano style” furniture making, booming in those days.

In 1970, new facilities of 1200 m2 were opened on the road to Port de Pollença, where the Company is still located nowadays and where it has experienced the biggest growth in its history.

In 1990, an expansion of the facilities is carried out, reaching approximately 2800 m2, which is the company surface nowadays.

The company has always kept a continuous adaptation to new emerging technologies and now is proud to rely on the highest level of machinery and human team.

Fusteria Font, S.A. is nowadays specialized in the manufacture and installation of wood carpentry, paying special attention to its innovative range of windows (casement, tilt & turn, sliding, pivoting, etc).

A wide range of wood types is used in Fusteria Font, S.A., always selecting the highest quality to perform their jobs. Fusteria Font, S.A., has always been characterized by knowing how to combine the experience and skill of its carpenters, with the application of new technologies and the most innovative machinery. In this sense the performance, hand-crafted or fully mechanized, will depend on the type of work to develop.

The selection of the best woods together with the use of advanced technology and development of custom designs, make our products a benchmark in the enclosure sector made of high quality wood. Whatever the method of manufacture, Fusteria Font’s S.A. quality has always been understood as a fundamental part of its corporate culture. Therefore, the careful treatment in the manufacture of all products and a comprehensive quality controls allow Fusteria Font S.A., with its nearly 90 years experience in the industry, meet its goal of satisfying all its customers, even the most demanding.